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Prepare Your Heart

by Joseph
I have such an incredible family.   My wife and children have been such an inspiration and support. My oldest daughter shared this with me, and it is so pertinent to the Preparation Call and to the theme of this site.  I hope you enjoy… Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone.  Titus 3:1-2 This is such a spectacular verse!  You may not be a Christian or of the same beliefs, […]

Am I too late to get Prepared?

My family has been in preparation for many years.  In fact, I started preparing before it was cool to be a prepper!  That means absolutely nothing except, I’ve been watching, listening, and preparing for a long time :). Years ago, I heard a preparation call and started on a journey that I assumed was all about survival and a self-sustaining lifestyle.  I was looking forward to preparing by learning about gardening, food storage, and emergency preparedness.  I never imagined that preparation would be so intense – but then again, when we began this journey most people didn’t even fathom a […]

A Time of Increasing Intensity

by Joseph
In my lifetime, I have never seen such despair and ambivalence. People are afraid and many are losing hope. The times have impressed people to begin living more simple lives, and to prepare. In fact, many people have felt a call to prepare and to be ready for the difficulties that are approaching. Those difficulties could be in the form of political or economic crisis, or they could be a catastrophic natural event like an earthquake or drought. Whatever the difficulty, countless families are now seeing the importance of preparing. My family has been in active preparation for years now, […]

Preppers beware!

Right now, people all over the world are beginning to sense the need for preparation.  I’ve talked to many who do not know exactly “why” they are needing to prepare, but they just believe something is coming – and they need to get ready. When I first heard a call to prepare, it was hardly commonplace to hear anyone speak of preparing.  In fact, if you talked too extensively about preparation you were considered an “alarmist”.  You may have even been shunned and outcast as some type of radical conspirator. Today, preparation is a fast-growing discussion.  So much so that […]

Getting Prepared Spiritually

by Joseph

As things continue to intensify and people struggle with the uncertainties of the times, it is important that we continue preparing – and especially getting prepared spiritually.

Recently, my sister wrote a daily devotional on “Spiritual Maturity”. I thought it was very good and certainly timely with what is going on now in the world. I’ve shared on the topic before, but I think her points certainly warrant repeating. I will share some of the main points of her article below.

Fulfilling the call of God on your life – and also getting prepared for future difficulties – will require spiritual maturity. If we examine what Solomon had to go through to prepare to build the house of the Lord, we gain insight into how the Lord prepares us and trains us up. King David wanted to build the House of the Lord, but God told him that Solomon would be the one who would build the House. Even though David was probably disappointed, he began helping Solomon prepare himself for the task. In 1 Chronicles 29:1 David said, “Solomon is yet young and tinder” (inexperienced), in other words he had not matured yet. King David knew Solomon was inexperience and would need to mature in order to accomplish the call on his life.

Right now as our world faces growing uncertainties, many people are living in fear and panic. Unfortunately, many people have simply been oblivious to the need to ready themselves for difficulties – or may have ignored the preparation call. We live in a world of immaturity. We live in a time when the adults have more toys than the children and most people don’t want to grow up. The first step to spiritual maturity comes as the worldly desires are put aside and the work of the kingdom becomes a priority.

Are you prepared for the coming crisis?

Preparation I have often shared in this blog, that I have felt a “call” to prepare for many years. I have also discussed (recently) the need to intensify preparation. World concerns have been moving us toward an “event” at a much more rapid pace – and many people are beginning to get more nervous and certainly afraid.

My intent, is not to scare – but to impress upon folks the need to prepare. I realize the “get prepared” message is a bit ambiguous, and certainly there are people and groups out there that are pressing extreme views and radical ideas. Some are purposefully preying on the fears of individuals. The preparation call I have felt for over 10 years, is not about having fear – rather, it’s about being able to stay calm and deal effectively during the coming crisis.

We have developed a society of convenience and comforts. We get up-to-the minute news by clicking a mouse and have been conditioned to expect information in 30 second soundbites. We keep up with friends and celebrities and often base our relationships with people by reading a two-sentence post on twitter. In so many ways, we have become shallow and overly self-pleasured.

Prepare by purging some emotional baggage

by Joseph

I believe we live in turbulent times and the difficulties often cause great anxiety and chaos in families.  I also discern that things will likely get more difficult in the days and months ahead.  We must prepare.

I’ve often shared that the “Call to Preparation” is far more than just food storage and learning new skills.  It is about being anchored in your Faith, and letting God teach and lead you to overcome fears, difficulties, and discomforts – without completely falling apart (emotionally) under the strains.  For many people, it is a major challenge and an obstacle that has been easily hidden from view – in a relatively calm existence.  I often think that many of us would rather hide our fears under a rug, than go through the agony of facing (and dealing) with personal discomforts and failures.

The “discipline” of Preparation requires that we deal with tough things in order to handle tough days ahead.  The work of Preparation then, is not simply a stroll in the park.  In my journey, to be prepared means to accept the task of being vulnerable” in order to get rid of excess baggage that may hold me down during difficult times.  That means being open and willing to purge emotional baggage (and resentments) that will likely serve no good purpose in any future difficulty.

One of those difficulties for many people is dealing with past pains from childhood, or specifically – hurts from parents.  I don’t wish to sound cold or uncaring with emotional difficulties from a family of abuse, but I do wish to make a point.  For the sake of those you love… It is time to “get a grip” and move yourself to the present.

It absolutely amazes me the number of people who continually find a way to blame their problems or difficult circumstances on their parents.  Anytime trouble strikes, they are likely to complain “It’s all my parents’ fault!  They are the ones who made me this way.”  It sounds a lot like the ridiculous old saying I used to hear a lot… “The devil made me do it.”

What is a Preparation Call?

As I’ve shared about the Preparation Call God has given me, I struggled with “why” things are so difficult.  It seems that God’s preparation for leadership involves times of long waiting, painful experiences, rejection from people we love, and even isolation. I often consider Moses, as he was raised as royalty and had everything he could ever want or need.   Obviously, he was pretty comfortable in his lifestyle – and I can imagine that he was pretty stable with the way things were going.  God had other plans. To become the leader God wanted, Moses had to be prepared.  […]

A New Day for the Elect

by Joseph
It’s a great time to be a called servant of the King Most High.  I am actually thankful for the election of Obama as President of the USA.  Yep, I said it. Certainly, and obviously, the other candidate was my choice – but, the day is now here that the Called of Christ have to make a stand.  We’ve hidden in our “churches” with smiles and nice programs for our youth, and preached against those who kill babies, and those who wed in same-sex marraiges.  Our rally cry has been a battle against the sinful, while we walk in our […]