Joseph Report : Insights on Preparation

Ordering supplies, and Supply resources

by Joseph
Many people have asked me where we are getting some of our supply items.  I’ll offer links to places we have dealt with in our preparation, and have found them to be very helpful. For our heirloom seeds, we have found an excellent resource:  Landreth Seeds For Grains and grain milling supplies we, of course, order from our own storehouse:  Millers Grain House. For de-hydrated whole foods, there is no better resource that offers top quality, and organically grown:  URI International

A God Encounter

Shared By: Jeff Rowland John’s writing in the book of the Revelation is an amazing look at the revelation of Jesus Christ and gives us a great look at a God encounter.  I believe that we desperately need a God encounter each and every day in order to stay focused in our life on the things of the Spirit. The definition of an encounter is described as; a meeting, particularly a sudden or accidental meeting of two or more persons or bodies.  I have watched through the years people who suddenly have a God encounter.  I have also seen those […]

Sharing a special message…

by Joseph
I have several subscriptions that I read daily from all over the world.  I specifically enjoy ready the reports from people who I believe have keen Scriptural understanding and insight – especially as it relates to current events.   It is important that we look carefully at what Scripture is telling us about the times we are living. Yesterday, I received a special report that I believe is important for people to hear.  It is encouraging to me, and I want to share it with you.  I also encourage you to subscribe to his report at:  thegoldenreport . com Here’s the […]


by Joseph
About twenty five years ago, the Lord layed on my heart the need to prepare.  At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was preparing for, but I knew something was coming. This blog will be about the journey, and things that we need to do to prepare.

The World is about to Change!

by Joseph
Welcome to the Joseph Report.  This blog will be about preparation, and how to deal with the turbulent times that are about to overtake us.  We’ll offer insights on preparation, preparation call, preppers guide, survival in turbulent times, prophecy unfolding, and just encouragement.  We believe the most important thing we can share is the message to GET PREPARED! Stay with us, and check back often. God Bless You!