Joseph Report : Insights on Preparation

Seeing Him who is invisible

by Joseph
Offered By:  Jeff Rowland Four times in the scripture the bible says, “The just shall live by faith.”  This is an imperative declaration.  It doesn’t say that we might live by faith, but it says the just SHALL live by faith.  This implies many things. Faith is the ultimate key to the victorious Christian walk.  It doesn’t matter what you are facing in life, if you are walking in faith you are setting yourself up to see miracles in your life. It is possible to go into an unhealthy extreme in this area as well.  If faith becomes the object […]


Shared By: Jeff Rowland Romans chapter 14 is in my opinion the most pivotal chapter in the Word of God concerning relationships between believers.  This chapter also gives the streamline and basic fundamental principles of Kingdom living for the people of God. We are living in ages of social dilemma’s that shape the political landscape of our nation.  Every issue that we look at, points to the rules of conduct for our leaders and our citizens.  For the believer, the kingdom of God has certain guidelines and principles that are to guide our lives concerning relationships with others, ourselves and […]

Update on my Preparations

A lot of people know that I have been working on preparation for quite a while.  I am often asked to share what I am doing (currently) to prepare. To help me stay focused (and not feel overwhelmed), I keep a working list that I continually update with items I feel are very important in the preparation journey.  Of course, I also try to regularly post to this blog – as it enables me to share some insights I have from my journey, and what I feel is impressed upon my heart. A couple of weeks ago, I posted an […]

Don’t just Stockpile!

Over the years, I have felt emphatically that I was to lead my family to be “in preparation”.  When I first heard the call to prepare, I had an intellectual perception that I was going to flee to the mountains, and begin stockpiling food, water and other supplies. Later, I began to realize that my call to prepare was NOT a call to hoard food, or to live in seclusion and fear.  On the contrary, the preparation journey was to make a safe place for sharing – during a time of crisis when people would be prone to fear and […]

On the Brink

by Joseph
Unless you have lived on a different planet over the last couple of weeks, you know things seem to be in turmoil.  It seems that every person you talk with, are quite concerned with what is going on. Leaders all over the world are making statements to try to calm their people, as they recognize the panic that threatens to spiral out of control.  Leading financial “experts” from leading economies are apparently working behind the scenes to coordinate a global financial rescue effort in an attempt to keep the financial markets from complete meltdown. This week, the President of Franc […]

What is happening to America?

Most people remain oblivious of what is going on with the USA.  Our moral decline has reached epidemic status, and our churches have turned into entertainment venues – promoting a humanistic “feel good” gospel. Some people are looking to our Government for answers, and have faith that our elected leaders will have the wisdom and courage to lead us into a new prosperous era.  Charismatic leaders are emerging – and we now have people pledging an unholy allegiance to man, rather than calling out to a Holy God. Pledging allegiance It is quite disturbing that the church has fallen asleep. […]

Preparation: Not All That It’s Cut Out To Be

It happens all the time – especially now that there are obvious difficulties taking place. Almost daily I receive a call from people who want to talk with me about preparation.  They know that I’ve been talking (for 20+ years) about the need to prepare, so I guess it’s natural that they call me.  Problem is, I have a much different view of what Preparation really is, and most of the time my view is NOT the way others view it. You see, during a time of crisis people come out of the woodwork talking about the need for preparation.  […]


Shared by:  Jeff Rowland John 1:29, “The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.”  Very often we find ourselves talking to a friend who is going through a difficult time in their life and can only say one thing.  “Well just trust the Lord.”  Sometimes there is nothing else you can say.  Even though we know from the Word of God that every trial has purpose which is to bring us more into the image of God’s Son, we still don’t have answers that […]

Getting prepared for ?

Many people have been anticipating a disastrous time that would bring difficulties to our very existence.  They believe that their very survival will depend on the ability to overcome and adapt to certain tragic events. In my own life journey, there have been many people I have encountered who have predicted our “impending doom”.  It seems to me that there will always be people out there who spread fear, gloom, and despair about a coming event that will alter the course of our lives.   Everyone remembers Y2k and the giant “gotcha” feeling that came when nothing happened.  I’ve come to […]

What I am doing to prepare

To keep me on track with my own preparations, I keep an updated list of my own activities and needs.  It certainly helps me stay focused. These are in no particular priority order, and this is not a complete list: Have started a vintage and heirloom seed (and seed potatoes) bank.  Vegetables and flowers. Stocking URI products (dehydrated whole-food powder) for nutritional needs (has a 2 year shelf life) Currently ordering food items (ie. grains, canned goods, beans, etc) for long-term storage. Ordering food storage containers (food grade) for grains and dried food. Looking to install alternative energy source – […]