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Preparation through Emotional Unity

Shared by Jeff Rowland Think about the emotional stability that would be lost be facing economic collapse.  Think about our emotional stability during all-out war.  Can we even imagine the emotional structure of a nation or of any people during famine or a breakout of disease? Preparing the necessities for life is only part of true preparation. You can have everything you need for survival but if we haven’t prepared our heart then we will radically be changed in our personality and begin to respond to adversity in ways we had not previously known was in us. One of the […]

When our Past is Past

Shared by Jeff Rowland. Regardless of where we are in our lives everyone has something in their past that they often struggle with.  The past always rears its head when we are pressing toward a consistent walk in the Spirit of God.  Most are robbed of their present because they are still living under the bondage of their past.  As well we cannot look with hope toward our future if we are constantly going back to factor in our past to make decisions.  The past seems to affect every aspect of our life.  The sequence with which we look at […]

Preparation Through Provision

Shared by Jeff Rowland. It’s hard to talk about preparation without talking about provision.  Where our faith resides will determine where our provision will come from.  As well, our fear will define what we lean toward for our provision. Part of proper preparation is to move from fear to faith.  We need understanding from a responsible perspective on the times we are living in and then the proper perspective on where our provision comes from. A casual observation of the things that are happening in our world should lead all of us to the same conclusions.  We need to prepare.  […]

The Voice of God shakes the Earth

The Shaking Whose voice then shook the earth (continuation) Shared by Jeff Rowland. We shared last time a beautiful scripture from Psalms –   Psalms 29. This Psalm of David is a beautiful description of the majesty and power of God in a storm of thunder.  David’s perspective of viewing this storm was to acknowledge and ascribe the power of this storm to the voice of God.  The Psalmist has already given acknowledgement to the God of thunder earlier in his writing.  (Psa 18:13) The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hail stones and coals […]

Whose voice then shook the earth!

The Shaking Whose voice then shook the earth Shared by Jeff Rowland. The power of the voice of God is unmatched by anything the earth has ever seen or come in contact with.  One word from the lips of God can destroy with more devastation than any bomb ever created.  One word from the lips of God can breathe life into anything or anyone. (1Ki 19:12)  And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. Even though our God’s voice is so powerful, He can speak with […]

The Shaking

See that ye refuse not him that speaketh! Shared by Jeff Rowland. I have been preaching now for 27 years.  I have Pastored churches for over 20 years, and there is urgency growing in my spirit like never before.  The things I’m going to share with you have captivated my heart in such an unusual way that I feel like purpose is surging through me to get some information out to as many people as I possibly can.  I do believe that for such a time as this, this message is to be proclaimed. With the recent earthquakes in Japan […]

Sharing in the Last Days

I have the wonderful blessing of meeting with some very special people, and sharing about the times we are currently living.  I find it a great joy to listen as people open their hearts, and share what Yah is revealing to them about the days. Throughout scripture we are introduced to people who were given an important assignment for an important time.  Those people were anointed to fulfill that assignment – most often under extremely difficult conditions.  They remained faithful to the call, and shared what Yah had appointed for them to accomplish. Recently, I was delighted to fellowship with […]

Learned principles from the life of Elijah

Offered by Jeff Rowland Understanding that Elijah’s life was marked by miracles, there are certain principles drawn that we can apply to our lives today. In order to appreciate the flood of the Spirit we must go through many dry times.  We can all agree that there have been some dry times for the church.  However, we need to understand that God can sustain us even when we are alone.  Though a corporate move of God may not be happening where you are, we can enjoy the flood of the Holy Spirit in our own life.   How often has all […]

Can the Strong Survive?

I’ve heard it said many times by many people that only the strong shall survive.  From experience over the last 19 years of Pastoring, I have never seen this statement lived out in reality.  There is always some set of circumstances and situations that ultimately destroy the strength of the human spirit.   Fear seems to be the ultimate culprit of our demise. In the beginning when Adam and Eve were in the garden yielded to sin, the first response after their disobedience was fear.  They hid themselves.  In other words their strength was gone.  Our struggle with fear is well […]

God Speaks 3 Ways at Once

My lovely wife, Donna shared the following: When reading the Scriptures, it never ceases to amaze me of how God speaks on more than one ‘level’ within each context. It is my observation and opinion that He usually speaks in His Word on three main levels at once. Today, He lead me to a portion that really works as that example. Here are the ways I see that God speaks all at the same time: 1. Spiritual. He of course speaks to us in our Spiritual walk with Him. The Word is full of reminders of our walk and how […]