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A Pastor with GUTS!

by Joseph
I received the following prayer as an e-mail.  I receive lot of forwarded e-mails that I rarely take the time to read, because they seem more gossip than substance.  This particular e-mail (regardless of whether it is an actual occurrence or not) hit a chord with me. Prayer given in Kansas at The opening session of their Senate It seems Prayer still upsets some People. When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open The new session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual genealities, but this is what they heard: Heavenly Father, we come before you today to […]

Are You an “Alarmist”?

Yesterday, a member of my family called me an “Alarmist”.  I really was not aware that I am an alarmist, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me.  In fact, I didn’t even know what an alarmist was- or what the role consisted of.  So, being the good alarmist that I am… I looked it up. Here’s what the dictionary definition of an alarmist is: “a person who tends to raise alarms, esp. without sufficient reason, as by exaggerating dangers or prophesying calamities.” Perhaps my family member knows something about me that I don’t know.   Or, maybe […]

Update on my Preparations

A lot of people know that I have been working on preparation for quite a while.  I am often asked to share what I am doing (currently) to prepare.

To help me stay focused (and not feel overwhelmed), I keep a working list that I continually update with items I feel are very important in the preparation journey.  Of course, I also try to regularly post to this blog – as it enables me to share some insights I have from my journey, and what I feel is impressed upon my heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article on the progress of some of my family’s efforts to get ready for events that we believe are coming.  Every day we work on our list – and involve every member of our family in the process.

Before I share an update on our progress, I found it quite interesting that today on CNN – Glenn Beck published an article that is right in line with this whole notion of preparation.   from my perspective, his comments and insights are right on target as he mentions the need to prepare – and not panic.  If you are interested, you can  View the article here.

Anyway, let me get to my preparation.  Let me encourage you to start your own list of things you want to work on to prepare.   It will help you stay focused, and feel less stressed about the events that are unfolding.

These are in no particular priority order, and this is not at all my comprehensive list.  I have some other items that I’ve prepared – but will not disclose those for security reasons:

  • My family has developed a fully-stocked heirloom vegetable seed (and seed potatoes) bank.  We’re going to be getting some flowers as well.
  • Have a strong supply of nutrient dense URI products (dehydrated whole-food powder) for nutritional needs.  The Feast and Barley Pure are a necessity for my family, and the product has a 2 year shelf life.

On the Brink

by Joseph

Unless you have lived on a different planet over the last couple of weeks, you know things seem to be in turmoil.  It seems that every person you talk with, are quite concerned with what is going on.

Leaders all over the world are making statements to try to calm their people, as they recognize the panic that threatens to spiral out of control.  Leading financial “experts” from leading economies are apparently working behind the scenes to coordinate a global financial rescue effort in an attempt to keep the financial markets from complete meltdown.

This week, the President of Franc – Nicolas Sarkozy – made the statement that he hoped a “New World” would emerge from this chaos.

Scotland’s leading Newspaper published an Article on this “New World Order” citing the new Global co-operation, Nationalization and State intervention – were changing our world.

Even Opec has called an emergency meeting to try to deal with the plunge of oil prices which is putting oil producing economies in turmoil.  With the world economy on the brink of a global depression, the need for oil products has diminished significantly.

So what does this all mean?

What is happening to America?

Most people remain oblivious of what is going on with the USA.  Our moral decline has reached epidemic status, and our churches have turned into entertainment venues – promoting a humanistic “feel good” gospel. Some people are looking to our Government for answers, and have faith that our elected leaders will have the wisdom and courage to lead us into a new prosperous era.  Charismatic leaders are emerging – and we now have people pledging an unholy allegiance to man, rather than calling out to a Holy God. Pledging allegiance It is quite disturbing that the church has fallen asleep. […]

Preparation: Not All That It’s Cut Out To Be

It happens all the time – especially now that there are obvious difficulties taking place.

Almost daily I receive a call from people who want to talk with me about preparation.  They know that I’ve been talking (for 20+ years) about the need to prepare, so I guess it’s natural that they call me.  Problem is, I have a much different view of what Preparation really is, and most of the time my view is NOT the way others view it.

You see, during a time of crisis people come out of the woodwork talking about the need for preparation.  Because of our recent economical problems in the US, preparation discussion is now a mainstream conversation.  It’s almost comical to hear of people emerging every day who claim that they “knew a difficult day was coming” and knew that we were all supposed to be preparing.  They read all the gloom articles and conspiracy theories they can, and then spread their fear language to anyone who will join in their fear.

If you were around during the Y2K crisis, the same people were “preparing” then.  After the crisis, well, they went back to operating as if nothing was wrong.

I’m of the opinion, that many people who claim they have known we are supposed to be preparing for “something” – are in fact, nothing more than news readers and fear mongers.   They read new releases on world events, and suddenly they spring into action getting ready.  If you have ever lived through a hurricane in Florida – that’s what I picture with the people who are now “self-professed preparation experts”.

Ordering supplies, and Supply resources

by Joseph
Many people have asked me where we are getting some of our supply items.  I’ll offer links to places we have dealt with in our preparation, and have found them to be very helpful. For our heirloom seeds, we have found an excellent resource:  Landreth Seeds For Grains and grain milling supplies we, of course, order from our own storehouse:  Millers Grain House. For de-hydrated whole foods, there is no better resource that offers top quality, and organically grown:  URI International

Sharing a special message…

by Joseph

I have several subscriptions that I read daily from all over the world.  I specifically enjoy ready the reports from people who I believe have keen Scriptural understanding and insight – especially as it relates to current events.   It is important that we look carefully at what Scripture is telling us about the times we are living.

Yesterday, I received a special report that I believe is important for people to hear.  It is encouraging to me, and I want to share it with you.  I also encourage you to subscribe to his report at:  thegoldenreport . com

Here’s the special message:

The time frame as it has been revealed to me.

All the so-called Prophets are saying “Gloom & Doom” it’s all over there is no future.  To some that may be so, but for this Believer in Yeshua it is just an opportunity to serve others while serving God.  What I feel is happening is God is giving us one more chance to come to Him with an open heart and soul confessing our sins and casting them with our greed into the pits of hell.

God is bringing judgment on the US , Israel and the rest of the world.  As for the US God is first taking away their god of greed for money, in hopes that they might come to Him in true repentance before His final judgment on that nation takes place.  God’s Word makes it very clear to me that He will use nuclear power of Russia to bring the final Judgment and those plans are already in effect.  As Russian are moving war-ships along the Syrian coast just north of Israel ready for an all out strike.  But before that strike takes plane the US must be taken out of the equation.


by Joseph
About twenty five years ago, the Lord layed on my heart the need to prepare.  At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was preparing for, but I knew something was coming. This blog will be about the journey, and things that we need to do to prepare.

The World is about to Change!

by Joseph
Welcome to the Joseph Report.  This blog will be about preparation, and how to deal with the turbulent times that are about to overtake us.  We’ll offer insights on preparation, preparation call, preppers guide, survival in turbulent times, prophecy unfolding, and just encouragement.  We believe the most important thing we can share is the message to GET PREPARED! Stay with us, and check back often. God Bless You!