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Prepare by purging some emotional baggage

by Joseph

I believe we live in turbulent times and the difficulties often cause great anxiety and chaos in families.  I also discern that things will likely get more difficult in the days and months ahead.  We must prepare.

I’ve often shared that the “Call to Preparation” is far more than just food storage and learning new skills.  It is about being anchored in your Faith, and letting God teach and lead you to overcome fears, difficulties, and discomforts – without completely falling apart (emotionally) under the strains.  For many people, it is a major challenge and an obstacle that has been easily hidden from view – in a relatively calm existence.  I often think that many of us would rather hide our fears under a rug, than go through the agony of facing (and dealing) with personal discomforts and failures.

The “discipline” of Preparation requires that we deal with tough things in order to handle tough days ahead.  The work of Preparation then, is not simply a stroll in the park.  In my journey, to be prepared means to accept the task of being vulnerable” in order to get rid of excess baggage that may hold me down during difficult times.  That means being open and willing to purge emotional baggage (and resentments) that will likely serve no good purpose in any future difficulty.

One of those difficulties for many people is dealing with past pains from childhood, or specifically – hurts from parents.  I don’t wish to sound cold or uncaring with emotional difficulties from a family of abuse, but I do wish to make a point.  For the sake of those you love… It is time to “get a grip” and move yourself to the present.

It absolutely amazes me the number of people who continually find a way to blame their problems or difficult circumstances on their parents.  Anytime trouble strikes, they are likely to complain “It’s all my parents’ fault!  They are the ones who made me this way.”  It sounds a lot like the ridiculous old saying I used to hear a lot… “The devil made me do it.”

Losing Faith

by Joseph

Today, my heart is heavy.  I need to vent a bit.

All around, I am seeing an increasing trend toward “turning away” from God, and Godly Living.   There is little doubt that people are afraid, and are losing hope.  As things get more chaotic and difficult, it seems that individuals are beginning to look more-and-more to government and charities to help – rather than turning to God.

As offerings suffer during a difficult economy, many Churches are beginning to alter their message – apparently to “appeal” to a larger group of people.  Many Pastors are no longer bold in their pulpits for fear of being released from their call.  (Note to those Pastors… Your Call is from God, and you should be operating in obedience to His authority alone!)   The feel-good gospel shared in many “super churches” is distorting true humble and obedient Faith in God, and replacing it with hollow faith in a persons self-righteous pride.  Be warned, that faith is temporal and will not sustain.

For 25 years, it was my joy and blessing to serve with the YMCA.  When I started, the Mission of the National office was impressive to me:  “Putting Christian Principles into practice through programs that build a healthy, body, mind and spirit for all”.  Over the years, the YMCA national leadership has slowly turned away from the Christian Principles the organization was founded on.  The mission statement today is nothing more than a hollow, watered-down, feel-good, message to help a community.  Certainly, service is good – but the Judeo/Christian Principles that birthed the YMCA seem to have been forgotten.  The justification is… there is a need to appeal to a larger, more diverse, population.  I take issue, and say that the message of Scripture is available to EVERY person – regardless of their diverse background.  The Word is stable, and continues to be current and up-to-date.  God has NOT changed – we just don’t recognize Him the same, because we have turned away from Him.

Quit looking back, it’s time to look forward

As times get more difficult, it becomes increasingly important that we prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In my life, it seems that I am being led through a “purging process”. This process has been painful, especially as I tried to hold onto many things that I had accumulated along the journey. Now I realize, the purging is helping to lighten the load I am carrying so I can better maneuver the times ahead.

One of the areas that has been impressed upon me to purge, is the emotional baggage that has often been a weighty distraction. Hurts from broken or failed relationships, insecurities, and guilt from personal failures have all been obstacles to my movement forward. I have spent far too much time struggling under heavy emotional burdens that are completely unnecessary and are hindering me from being tightly focused on preparation for the path ahead.

Preparation is not as easy as I once imagined. Certainly, it can be easy to put a few things in storage and to learn some new skills, but the more difficult part of the journey is the process of transitioning. Habits that have been accumulated, and comforts that have become a part of life – are now being altered. It is a necessity, because the journey ahead will not allow for the status quo.

What is a Preparation Call?

As I’ve shared about the Preparation Call God has given me, I struggled with “why” things are so difficult.  It seems that God’s preparation for leadership involves times of long waiting, painful experiences, rejection from people we love, and even isolation. I often consider Moses, as he was raised as royalty and had everything he could ever want or need.   Obviously, he was pretty comfortable in his lifestyle – and I can imagine that he was pretty stable with the way things were going.  God had other plans. To become the leader God wanted, Moses had to be prepared.  […]

Economic Disaster looms

by Joseph
The Great Depression was a global crisis that started in most Countries in 1929 and ending at different times in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Obviously, most people have heard of this significant economic downturn, as it was the largest and most important economic depression in modern history. The Great Depression started in the United States, with the general view of historian identifying the stock market crash on October 29, 1929 as the origination date. It’s interesting that the end of the depression in the U.S is associated with the war economy of World War II, beginning around 1939. […]

Time to setup Your 3-Year Plan

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. Everywhere you go, people seem discouraged and quite concerned about events that are taking place. If you listen to the news media (which I do not encourage), you know that there is a massive blitz taking place to put fear into the hearts of men. Years ago, I felt the “Call to Preparation”‘. It was laid on my heart that we would experience difficult times, where panic would grip people, and fear would converge on nations. In the midst of a storm, the human tendency is to look at the […]

Thomas Jefferson weighs in on our Crisis

by Joseph
Very Interesting Quote in light of the present financial crisis… “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

God Speaks 3 Ways at Once

My lovely wife, Donna shared the following:

When reading the Scriptures, it never ceases to amaze me of how God speaks on more than one ‘level’ within each context. It is my observation and opinion that He usually speaks in His Word on three main levels at once. Today, He lead me to a portion that really works as that example.

Here are the ways I see that God speaks all at the same time:

1. Spiritual. He of course speaks to us in our Spiritual walk with Him. The Word is full of reminders of our walk and how He is our Restorer and His Promises are True. He guides us by what we should and should not do for our Spiritual well being.

2. Literal/Physical – Yes, the Bible is historical, but more than that I believe God tells us physically what has happened, what WILL happen and personally where we are/will be in this life. He speaks of our physical place (where we live or move) and our position or role in this life.

3. Israel – As God’s Chosen Race, He always is wooing His beloved people. Each verse has something to say to the Hebrew Nation. In times of prosperity, war or His return. All verses are pointed for the Chosen People of God.

The Greatest Need for Preparation

There is no greater entertainment on the planet, than sitting in an airport.  I travel quite a bit, so I actually get entertained quite frequently.  I love watching people rushing about trying to get to their destinations.  It never fails that there is always drama with people missing flights or haveing their flight delayed. 

I watch the different ways people handle the stress, and how they interact with people around them – or with the flight crew.  I can’t help but form an opinion on what must be happening in their lives by how they handle the difficulty.  I’ve actually seen several instances where police have been called to intervene with the unruly and frustrated individual. 

As I look at faces I encounter at the airport, I’m reminded of the tremendous hurt that seems to be spreading across the world.  The difficulties of a global economy that seems to be in ruin, terrorism, wars and rumors of wars, and of course, natural disasters all over the world.  Many of the faces I see are people without hope and are afraid of an uncertain future.

The Bible teaches that the difficulties we see today will increase as the time of our Kings return grows closer.  As John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus, many are now called to be in preparation for His soon return.  Everywhere I go I seem to have divine appointements with people who have felt a “Preparation Call”.  Many aren’t quite sure what they are to do, but they want to connect with others who are in preparation. 

A New Day for the Elect

by Joseph
It’s a great time to be a called servant of the King Most High.  I am actually thankful for the election of Obama as President of the USA.  Yep, I said it. Certainly, and obviously, the other candidate was my choice – but, the day is now here that the Called of Christ have to make a stand.  We’ve hidden in our “churches” with smiles and nice programs for our youth, and preached against those who kill babies, and those who wed in same-sex marraiges.  Our rally cry has been a battle against the sinful, while we walk in our […]