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Prepare by Resting

by Joseph
As God pours out in these Last Days, it becomes incredibly important that we draw closer to Him.  We need to listen carefully to what He is saying to us during this hour, and certainly immediately act upon His words.  He is now shouting from the Heavens. I firmly believe we are entering a time of increasing intensity.  Events all over the world will seem magnified to a much higher degree and masses of people will be fearful and confused.  They will seek answers and many will be led astray by the “experts” who will attempt to explain the events […]

Stop Looking Back! Now is the time to look forward

I am convinced that there is going to be an increasing intensity of difficulties that we must face.  As times get more difficult and events become more intense, it is increasingly important that we prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In the last several years of my life, it seems that I have been (and continue to be) led through a “purging process”.  This process has been painful, especially as I tried to hold onto many things that I had accumulated along the journey. Now I realize, the purging is helping to lighten the load I am carrying so […]

Preppers beware!

Right now, people all over the world are beginning to sense the need for preparation.  I’ve talked to many who do not know exactly “why” they are needing to prepare, but they just believe something is coming – and they need to get ready. When I first heard a call to prepare, it was hardly commonplace to hear anyone speak of preparing.  In fact, if you talked too extensively about preparation you were considered an “alarmist”.  You may have even been shunned and outcast as some type of radical conspirator. Today, preparation is a fast-growing discussion.  So much so that […]

Be Prepared, but don’t be busy?

by Joseph
As I have shared often I believe there is an increasing urgency to get prepared.  With every passing day I am more convinced with the increasingly intense need to prepare – and every day my family is busy with preparing. The comments that will be expressed here will seem to be somewhat contradictory.   I assure you there is not a contradiction, but the confusion will lie in the interpretation. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with two of my dearest friends – specifically about the topic of preparation.  I hear from people all the time about their concerns and […]

What do we NOT know?

My family has been in preparation for a while. It certainly hasn’t always been an easy journey, but it has been essential. Years ago, the “Preparation Call” was not a popular calling. People considered us weird and extreme. Some members of my extended family called me an “alarmist”. But… at that particular time things seemed okay in the world, so people assumed all would be well. Fast forward to today, and you see a completely different story. People are concerned with what they read in the news every day. People are afraid, and wondering what the future holds. Even as […]

Faith beyond the boat

by Joseph
In the news today, there are mounting numbers of people who are beginning to prepare. Some people do not even know what they are preparing for, but they are following the actions of others and are moving forward with their own preparations. It seems obvious that increasing numbers of people believe there is a coming “event” that impresses upon them the need to prepare. The media is obviously picking up on the trend and are beginning to feature news and shows to highlight this growing phenomenon. Preparation centers and storage facilities are beginning to form in local communities, doomsday shelters […]

Preparing the wrong way

I’ve been talking about preparation for a LONG TIME – far longer than most people even considered preparing. Like many of the current preppers, I’ve been called an “alarmist”, fearmonger, ignorant, silly, and a few other choice words. Today, “preparation” is a very common discussion – and there is actually a whole movement of people called – “preppers”. I’m finding out that preppers consider themselves different from survivalist – kindof a survivalist lite. Many people are now saying they received a “call” to prepare. I felt that same call many years ago, and actually was one of the first to […]

Preparations are taking on Urgency

People are now talking freely about “preparation”. Many do not know what they are preparing for, but many now feel a “leading” to prepare. It really doesn’t take much to see that “something” is about to happen, and those who are called – need to be ready and especially prepared to share and assist others. I speak with people daily who are beginning to prepare. They are storing up food, water, and other provisions, and are establishing plans to help them cope during times of difficulties. Now, I’m extremely pleased to see people beginning to prepare. There is a preparation […]

Getting Prepared Spiritually

by Joseph
As things continue to intensify and people struggle with the uncertainties of the times, it is important that we continue preparing – and especially getting prepared spiritually. Recently, my sister wrote a daily devotional on “Spiritual Maturity”. I thought it was very good and certainly timely with what is going on now in the world. I’ve shared on the topic before, but I think her points certainly warrant repeating. I will share some of the main points of her article below. Fulfilling the call of God on your life – and also getting prepared for future difficulties – will require […]

Prepare by Transitioning Your Treasures

by Joseph
I have felt impressed to begin getting a bit more “intense” with my preparation efforts.  I’ve been on the journey toward this transition for quite a while, so getting to this place actually feels like I’ve arrived home. My preparation journey has been a transition from a 1.3 million dollar mansion in California, to a much more remote area in a very small home that is on land that has been in my family for several generations.  I have shifted from a lifestyle of riding in limos and eating at fancy restaurants, to enjoying a peaceful morning harmony of chirping […]