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A few Preparation Insights

I have been focused on preparation for a long time, so any discussion on the topic comes very natural to me.  I am finding, however; even as the topic of preparation is becoming more widespread – there are still quite a few people who do not fully understand what is meant by preparation. I’ve stated before, like with everything people have varying levels of preparation – and certainly different motivations for preparation.  Let me share some general insights on preparation, specifically as it relates to an emergency “change” in lifestyle. The first question that I’d ask someone to gauge their […]

Modern Preparation Strategy and Supplies

Many people have felt the call to begin preparing and collecting supplies for several years.   There has been a growing concern for the need to prepare, as recent world events have created increased awareness with the need to prepare. There are many forums and networks now available for people to discuss preparation, and to learn new skills that will be helpful in the future.  There is little doubt that people need to begin getting more serious and focused to adequately prepare for their family needs. Some people who have already started preparing and collecting supplies have a pretty good […]

What is a Preparation Call?

As I’ve shared about the Preparation Call God has given me, I struggled with “why” things are so difficult.  It seems that God’s preparation for leadership involves times of long waiting, painful experiences, rejection from people we love, and even isolation. I often consider Moses, as he was raised as royalty and had everything he could ever want or need.   Obviously, he was pretty comfortable in his lifestyle – and I can imagine that he was pretty stable with the way things were going.  God had other plans. To become the leader God wanted, Moses had to be prepared.  […]

Time to setup Your 3-Year Plan

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. Everywhere you go, people seem discouraged and quite concerned about events that are taking place. If you listen to the news media (which I do not encourage), you know that there is a massive blitz taking place to put fear into the hearts of men. Years ago, I felt the “Call to Preparation”‘. It was laid on my heart that we would experience difficult times, where panic would grip people, and fear would converge on nations. In the midst of a storm, the human tendency is to look at the […]

Update on my Preparations

A lot of people know that I have been working on preparation for quite a while.  I am often asked to share what I am doing (currently) to prepare. To help me stay focused (and not feel overwhelmed), I keep a working list that I continually update with items I feel are very important in the preparation journey.  Of course, I also try to regularly post to this blog – as it enables me to share some insights I have from my journey, and what I feel is impressed upon my heart. A couple of weeks ago, I posted an […]

Preparation: Not All That It’s Cut Out To Be

It happens all the time – especially now that there are obvious difficulties taking place. Almost daily I receive a call from people who want to talk with me about preparation.  They know that I’ve been talking (for 20+ years) about the need to prepare, so I guess it’s natural that they call me.  Problem is, I have a much different view of what Preparation really is, and most of the time my view is NOT the way others view it. You see, during a time of crisis people come out of the woodwork talking about the need for preparation.  […]

What I am doing to prepare

To keep me on track with my own preparations, I keep an updated list of my own activities and needs.  It certainly helps me stay focused. These are in no particular priority order, and this is not a complete list: Have started a vintage and heirloom seed (and seed potatoes) bank.  Vegetables and flowers. Stocking URI products (dehydrated whole-food powder) for nutritional needs (has a 2 year shelf life) Currently ordering food items (ie. grains, canned goods, beans, etc) for long-term storage. Ordering food storage containers (food grade) for grains and dried food. Looking to install alternative energy source – […]