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Prepare for Disaster

Every day it seems more-and-more people are concerned and are beginning to prepare. Some are not quite sure what they are preparing for, but I hear most say they are preparing for disaster. I heard a preparation call more than 30 years ago.  At the time, I didn’t quite understand what it meant to “prepare”, but I tried to just step on Faith.  As it turns out, what I assumed was preparation is far more intense than I ever imagined. The urgency and importance of preparation has never been more critical.  As I hear comments from US Government leaders and […]

US Government Warns of Revelation Apocalypse?

As we continue with the assignment of sharing the need for preparation, it seems we are now joined by the US Government in proclaiming the need to prepare for the Last Days Apocalypse. In fact, in a recent and popular post on the Center for Disease Control site there was a somewhat disturbing article entitled “Preparedness -101:  Zombie Apocalypse“. Do you think the US Government knows something they are not fully disclosing to a sheepish public?  Well of course they do. I am quite sure the title of this recent article was carefully chosen to create attention and interest from […]

Preppers beware!

Right now, people all over the world are beginning to sense the need for preparation.  I’ve talked to many who do not know exactly “why” they are needing to prepare, but they just believe something is coming – and they need to get ready. When I first heard a call to prepare, it was hardly commonplace to hear anyone speak of preparing.  In fact, if you talked too extensively about preparation you were considered an “alarmist”.  You may have even been shunned and outcast as some type of radical conspirator. Today, preparation is a fast-growing discussion.  So much so that […]

Prepare: The Increasing Intensity

My wife and I are blessed with three beautiful children.  My youngest is about to be 21 years old. I had the incredible joy of experiencing the birth of each of my kids, and welcoming them into their family.   I was with my wife at every moment during the labor. We often joke about the moments of labor, and how I tried to comfort my wife during the contractions.  It was certainly a painful experience for my precious wife, but also a beautiful time in our lives.   Most parents can relate to the difficulties of the birth process and the […]

Preparing for a catastrophic event?

Okay, so we know we need to prepare. I still have people asking me… “prepare for what?”. Years ago, I felt that God issued a “Preparation Call”. Now, there are more-and-more people are hearing that call, and are now taking action. Every day, I see bizarre things that confirm to me there is a major need to be prepared.  I just believe there are major changes.  Things are not right in our world – and I am convinced we are heading toward some major upheavals. Do you ever wonder what our Governments know, and are keeping from us? My trust […]

What do we NOT know?

My family has been in preparation for a while. It certainly hasn’t always been an easy journey, but it has been essential. Years ago, the “Preparation Call” was not a popular calling. People considered us weird and extreme. Some members of my extended family called me an “alarmist”. But… at that particular time things seemed okay in the world, so people assumed all would be well. Fast forward to today, and you see a completely different story. People are concerned with what they read in the news every day. People are afraid, and wondering what the future holds. Even as […]

Preparing with home remedies

Learning how to be more self-sustaining is an obvious desire for many people who are involved in preparation. Food and water storage along with other supplies are typically the first area people consider, as they begin to prepare for difficulties ahead. One area that many people often neglect to consider is health care. There is often an assumption that there will be adequate and immediate care during a crisis. While it may be correct, it would be prudent to consider natural home remedies as part of our health care and ongoing wellness. Over the coming weeks I will begin sharing […]

Preparing the wrong way

I’ve been talking about preparation for a LONG TIME – far longer than most people even considered preparing. Like many of the current preppers, I’ve been called an “alarmist”, fearmonger, ignorant, silly, and a few other choice words. Today, “preparation” is a very common discussion – and there is actually a whole movement of people called – “preppers”. I’m finding out that preppers consider themselves different from survivalist – kindof a survivalist lite. Many people are now saying they received a “call” to prepare. I felt that same call many years ago, and actually was one of the first to […]

Preparations are taking on Urgency

People are now talking freely about “preparation”. Many do not know what they are preparing for, but many now feel a “leading” to prepare. It really doesn’t take much to see that “something” is about to happen, and those who are called – need to be ready and especially prepared to share and assist others. I speak with people daily who are beginning to prepare. They are storing up food, water, and other provisions, and are establishing plans to help them cope during times of difficulties. Now, I’m extremely pleased to see people beginning to prepare. There is a preparation […]

Are you prepared for the coming crisis?

I have often shared in this blog, that I have felt a “call” to prepare for many years. I have also discussed (recently) the need to intensify preparation. World concerns have been moving us toward an “event” at a much more rapid pace – and many people are beginning to get more nervous and certainly afraid. My intent, is not to scare – but to impress upon folks the need to prepare. I realize the “get prepared” message is a bit ambiguous, and certainly there are people and groups out there that are pressing extreme views and radical ideas. Some […]