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prepare for an apocalypse

Preparation Call and the Need to Share Love

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.   John 15:13 With all the anger, fear, and violence around us, is it even possible to love in times like these? With every new day there seems to be more pain, suffering, and dissension amongst peoples.  Innocent lives are taken by those who are driven by their own anger, hatred, intolerance, or extremist views.  How can we love in times when people are so consumed with themselves that they easily discard others – even family – when the relationship becomes an inconvenient burden? We […]

Doomsday Survival or Preparation Call?

Doomsday Survival has become quite a popular topic with today’s media and politicians.   It is a telling sign that more and more people are concerned with events that are happening all across the globe. Unfortunately, the concerns that people face are often fueled by the media in the form of fear.  News outlets and others often sensationalize events that are happening, in order to boost their following.  Regrettably, fear has proven to be a powerful agent in driving revenues.  The internet has made information immediately available so it has become very easy to follow events all over the world.  I […]

Rise Up, and Fear Not!

Arise and shine for the light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  Isaiah 60:1 Today, we want to share a devotion we received and hope it will give you encouragement.  It is time to Rise Up!  It is time to set aside fear!  It is time to move forward with boldness and courage! Times are very tough, and fear is impacting in a lot of lives.  We are beginning to see the challenging times that we have been preparing for.  God hasn’t just prepared us to store food so we can eat during a […]

Am I too late to get Prepared?

My family has been in preparation for many years.  In fact, I started preparing before it was cool to be a prepper!  That means absolutely nothing except, I’ve been watching, listening, and preparing for a long time :). Years ago, I heard a preparation call and started on a journey that I assumed was all about survival and a self-sustaining lifestyle.  I was looking forward to preparing by learning about gardening, food storage, and emergency preparedness.  I never imagined that preparation would be so intense – but then again, when we began this journey most people didn’t even fathom a […]

Are you Prepared for the Collapse?

Okay, here it goes – I’m certain I’ll be labeled (again) as some crazy conspiracy theorist, or perhaps a gloom and doom preacher. Feel free to label me whatever you feel is appropriate. I’ve been called lots of things before :).

First of all, let me state that I do believe we are heading toward a collapse. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I would say that and be completely alone in my statement. Today, however, there are many people who now seem to agree with me.

This is not intended to be “gloom and doom” but a reminder that we must be preparing. I can not fathom how anyone can go through a day without the Faith in knowing the coming Messiah.

So why do I think there will be a collapse? Well, everything I’m seeing tells me so. You see, for a long time America has been the greatest financial powerhouse on the planet. Today, not so much. We are about to lose our lunch. Those who have held to a faith in the government structure will soon be very disappointed.

At this very moment the government wrestles with this issue of raising our debt ceiling. Basically, we have to borrow more money to keep us floating. At some point (which I believe is now), you simply can not continue borrowing above your ability to repay.

I certainly pray for our leaders and appreciate their hard work on this matter. It’s a very, very, difficult decision and one that will create major issues regardless of which way it goes. I recognize the difficulty. You see, I contend that regardless of the vote – we are heading for a collapse. Heed the call to prepare!

The US government likes to borrow money rather than make the tough choices of which programs to cut. We have become a Country of Entitlements and have continually fed the animal until it is very difficult to wean. The more we feed it, the closer we come to our own demise.

Stop Looking Back! Now is the time to look forward

I am convinced that there is going to be an increasing intensity of difficulties that we must face.  As times get more difficult and events become more intense, it is increasingly important that we prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In the last several years of my life, it seems that I have been (and continue to be) led through a “purging process”.  This process has been painful, especially as I tried to hold onto many things that I had accumulated along the journey. Now I realize, the purging is helping to lighten the load I am carrying so […]

Prepare: The Increasing Intensity

My wife and I are blessed with three beautiful children.  My youngest is about to be 21 years old. I had the incredible joy of experiencing the birth of each of my kids, and welcoming them into their family.   I was with my wife at every moment during the labor. We often joke about the moments of labor, and how I tried to comfort my wife during the contractions.  It was certainly a painful experience for my precious wife, but also a beautiful time in our lives.   Most parents can relate to the difficulties of the birth process and the […]

Preparing the wrong way

I’ve been talking about preparation for a LONG TIME – far longer than most people even considered preparing. Like many of the current preppers, I’ve been called an “alarmist”, fearmonger, ignorant, silly, and a few other choice words. Today, “preparation” is a very common discussion – and there is actually a whole movement of people called – “preppers”. I’m finding out that preppers consider themselves different from survivalist – kindof a survivalist lite. Many people are now saying they received a “call” to prepare. I felt that same call many years ago, and actually was one of the first to […]

Why make plans if God Controls my future?

This is a paradox that I have pondered many times.  I plan for the future, yet my plans are often altered (and even hindered) because of past fears and selfish comforts.  I sometime find it frustrating when the baggage of the past weighs on the whole concept of preparation.  How can I adequately prepare, if I am manipulated by fears?  How can I wisely get ready for potential discomforts, when my weak and selfish flesh always presses me for comforts? I know that God is sovereign, and I also know by Faith that my future is in His hands.  That, […]

Quit looking back, it’s time to look forward

As times get more difficult, it becomes increasingly important that we prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In my life, it seems that I am being led through a “purging process”. This process has been painful, especially as I tried to hold onto many things that I had accumulated along the journey. Now I realize, the purging is helping to lighten the load I am carrying so I can better maneuver the times ahead.

One of the areas that has been impressed upon me to purge, is the emotional baggage that has often been a weighty distraction. Hurts from broken or failed relationships, insecurities, and guilt from personal failures have all been obstacles to my movement forward. I have spent far too much time struggling under heavy emotional burdens that are completely unnecessary and are hindering me from being tightly focused on preparation for the path ahead.

Preparation is not as easy as I once imagined. Certainly, it can be easy to put a few things in storage and to learn some new skills, but the more difficult part of the journey is the process of transitioning. Habits that have been accumulated, and comforts that have become a part of life – are now being altered. It is a necessity, because the journey ahead will not allow for the status quo.